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August 30, 2013
Hi All:

Here are some items of interest regarding oil/gas/water affecting our thinking in Elbert County:

--The BOCC (Board of County Commissioners) has heard from a number of citizens, and been able to read letters and editorials published in local news outlets in opposition to their vote to deny the oil and gas regulations and MOU (memorandum of understanding) which the Planning Commission had unanimously recommended. Will they refer the regulations back to the Planning Commission/Editing Committee?.....time will tell.

--We are learning more and more of the long term impacts of the entire fracking process as other areas of the country, which have had drilling operations for a number of years, are affected. These include: difficulty obtaining homeowner's insurance--when available, they have higher premiums and lack of choice; damage to homes resulting from earthquakes which have been linked to fracking and/or injecting produced water into deep wells; limited or no financing available from lenders for sale or refinance of homes impacted by drilling/production operations; contaminated or compromised water supplies; significantly lower property values (which affect county revenues) due to the presence of fracking/drilling operations; extensive road maintenance to the extent that in parts of TX, roads can no longer be re-paved and are returned to gravel due to the high costs involved; and finally,
TOWNS ARE RUNNING OUT OF DRINKING WATER as a result of depletion and over use of water sources (including aquifers) from fracking operations. As more and more results come in, the cost to the everyday citizen who lives near the industrial operations necessary to support fracking becomes clear. Is it worth it?

--Some areas of the country and world have decided the risks outweigh any benefits: a small, rural county in NM (Mora County), with a mostly ranching based economy has BANNED fracking. One of the residents quoted in an article said, "you can't drink oil"; France has banned fracking....a government official indicated that when a safer alternative was available, they would revisit the ban; communities in Colorado have moratorium measures on the ballot this fall; a town in NY has banned fracking and is going all the way to the top court in NY to hold off the oil companies--there is a watershed in upstate NY that serves over 8 million people that is in play if fracking is allowed--there currently is a moratorium on drilling in NY.

--a few recent articles expand on some pertinent subjects:

**An article in MSN money highlights the dilemma for many homeowners in drilling areas: "While drilling companies tend to pay well for drilling rights, that's of little use to homeowners if the property they're sitting on can't be sold or isn't eligible for a mortgage if it does.--" Read more by following this link:

**An article closer to home (Frederick, CO) shows visually what it looks like to have a drilling rig in a neighborhood....for instance in parts of NW Elbert County?

That's it for now. Have a fun Labor Day!

Here are the emails for you to communicate your thoughts to the commissioners:

Jill and Jim Duvall
ECOGIG (Elbert County Oil and Gas Interest Group)